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Orca update: Why do boats matter and what can we do about it?

The Governor’s Orca Emergency Response package, currently being debated in the state legislature, includes bills to reduce vessel noise and disturbance (HB 1580/SB 5577). The Seattle Aquarium has recently been to Olympia to testify in support of this legislation.

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Kathryn and Bryan snorkel collecting

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Two

Day 2 — Aug 18: 5am start time. After breakfast and packing lunch to take with us, the team loaded up the vans and headed to the north shore of the island to begin a “shake down” collecting day at Hale’iwa.

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

Every other year, biologists from the Seattle Aquarium go to Hawaii to collect new warm water animals for our exhibits. This blog post, is part one of a four-part blog series that will cover what it takes to put together a collection trip and highlight the biologists’ experiences.

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