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Sea anemones


We’re closing out Tide Pool Week with some beautiful, summery weather—the perfect time to head to a local beach and explore some of the amazing animals we’ve been highlighting! Check out our library of animal fact sheets for more details about the birds, fish and invertebrates you might see on your next trip to the beach. And, before you tackle our trivia below, you might want to take a close look at the fact sheets for tide pool ecosystems, barnacles and moon jellies (just saying!).

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Salt and pepper sea cucumber

Plankton makes its presence known at the Seattle Aquarium

We have been seeing high levels of plankton in our water lately. Many Aquarium exhibits were a bit cloudy last week from all the algae and other planktonic organisms that are becoming more numerous as the season progresses.

Harbor seal, Q is going to be a dad!

We are excited to learn from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium that one of their harbor seals is pregnant and a second may possibly be expecting as well! Our harbor seal, Q, who is living at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium as part of a breeding exchange, is the father.

Giant Pacific octopus protection update

Giant Pacific octopus protection update

In November of last year news reports of the killing of a giant Pacific octopus near Alki Point raised questions about the possible need for protective measures for the species. 

Marine Mammal Mania at the Seattle Aquarium: spotlight on northern fur seals

Marine Mammal Mania at the Seattle Aquarium: spotlight on northern fur seals

Last Saturday, April 13, Sharon Melin, wildlife biologist at NOAA’s National Marine Mammal laboratory, came to the Aquarium and shared her experience with wild northern fur seals. Working with biologist Julie Carpenter and our male northern fur seal Commander, she demonstrated how satellite tags are placed on adult fur seals to track their ranges (see photo).

A volunteer's favorite: fur seals at the Seattle Aquarium

If you volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, chances are you have that one animal that’s your favorite. For me, it’s two: our northern fur seals, Commander and Woodstock.

Sound Conversations with Ginger Armbrust, Ph.D.: April 11 at the Seattle Aquarium

With the Sound full of amazing creatures like orca whales, harbor seals and giant Pacific octopuses, why should we care about little old plankton? Because, says Dr. Ginger Armbrust, the health of plankton in the ocean ultimately determines the health of the planet.

Youth volunteers at We Day!

What do 22 Seattle Aquarium youth volunteers, MC Hammer, Martin Sheen, Kid President and Macklemore all have in common (besides a great fashion sense, that is)? All could be found at the Key Arena on March 27 for the first ever We Day in the United States.

Sea otters at the Seattle Aquarium and beyond

Sea otters at the Seattle Aquarium and beyond

Here at the Seattle Aquarium we have four sea otters: Adaa, a 13-year-old male found on an airport runway; Lootas, a 15-year-old female found orphaned in Alaska and rehabilitated back to health here; Aniak, a 10-year-old female born here to Lootas; and Sekiu, our 1-year-old female born to Aniak and Adaa.

Seattle Aquarium volunteer inspires conservation in her workplace

Seattle Aquarium volunteer Annie Spalding is at the end of an incredibly challenging decade. She was treated for cancer—along with her mother, grandmother and brother.

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