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Sea anemones


We’re closing out Tide Pool Week with some beautiful, summery weather—the perfect time to head to a local beach and explore some of the amazing animals we’ve been highlighting! Check out our library of animal fact sheets for more details about the birds, fish and invertebrates you might see on your next trip to the beach. And, before you tackle our trivia below, you might want to take a close look at the fact sheets for tide pool ecosystems, barnacles and moon jellies (just saying!).

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Kathryn and Bryan snorkel collecting

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part Two

Day 2 — Aug 18: 5am start time. After breakfast and packing lunch to take with us, the team loaded up the vans and headed to the north shore of the island to begin a “shake down” collecting day at Hale’iwa.

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

2011 Hawaii Collecting Trip, Part One

Every other year, biologists from the Seattle Aquarium go to Hawaii to collect new warm water animals for our exhibits. This blog post, is part one of a four-part blog series that will cover what it takes to put together a collection trip and highlight the biologists’ experiences.

Seattle Aquarium 2018 Hawaii reef research report: part 1 of 2

Seattle Aquarium 2018 Hawaii reef research report: part 1 of 2

2018 marks the tenth consecutive year that Seattle Aquarium staff members have conducted Hawaiian reef fish and coral health research along the northwestern side of the Big Island of Hawaii. 

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