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On Friday, June 2, the Aquarium will close at 3pm (last entry at 2pm) for our Splash! fundraiser.
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Purple, blue, green and orange coral.

Welcoming a New Cohort of Empathy Fellows

Launched in 2020, the Aquarium’s Empathy Fellowship program is designed to create pathways into careers in aquariums, zoos and the conservation field for communities of color and other marginalized communities that bear the brunt of environmental harm and historically haven’t reaped the benefits of the solutions proposed.

Throughout their one-year terms, individuals hired for these full-time, paid, fully benefited positions have opportunities to learn about local marine life and conservation efforts, develop personal and professional goals, and become effective educators, facilitators and advocates for marine conservation, empathy and their communities.

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Winter Fishtival: Tide Pool Animal Fun Facts

Winter Fishtival: Tide Pool Animal Fun Facts

Join us for hands-on activities, special talks and opportunities to learn more about the care and feeding of the Aquarium's fish, birds, tide pool animals and marine mammals during Winter Fishtival! Each day we'll highlight a different sea animal and activity. Today’s featured animals live in tide pools. Here are some fun and interesting facts about tide pool animals.

Winter Fishtival: Marine Mammal Fun Facts

Winter Fishtival: Marine Mammal Fun Facts

Harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) are members of the true seal group. They comprise a generally inquisitive, but elusive, species which spends equal time on land and in the sea. These seals are not limited to salt water and have been found in inland waterways and lakes. In the order Pinnipedia (modified limbs to flippers) and family Phocidae.

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