Daily activities

There’s so much to do and see when you visit us!

A Seattle Aquarium volunteer holding a replica whale tooth out to a group of children, pointing to it while giving information about whales.

Learn From Our Experts

You'll find friendly and helpful staff and volunteers throughout the Aquarium who are happy to answer your questions and help you learn more about our many amazing animals and habitats. Just look for the folks in blue!

Daily presentations

A group of people listening to an Aquarium staff member talk in front of the Window on Washington Waters habitat at the Seattle Aquarium.
All About Our Washington Waters

Window on Washington Waters

10am, 11:45am, 12:15pm, 3pm

Come explore our local marine habitat, Window on Washington Waters. Meet the inhabitants of the rocky reef and kelp forest ecosystem found in the Salish Sea.

Three young children standing at the harbor seal habitat at the Seattle Aquarium looking at a seal through a viewing window.
All About Our Harbor Seals

Harbor seal habitat

11:30am, 2:15pm

Join us for an introduction to our harbor seals. Get to know the harbor seals that call the Seattle Aquarium home and how we care for the most common marine mammals in the Salish Sea. 

A sea otter floating on its back with its front paws above water as it looks towards the camera.
All About Our Sea Otters

Sea otter habitat


Join us for an introduction to our sea otters. Get to know more about this iconic endangered species and how we care for the individuals that call the Seattle Aquarium home.

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More to see and do

Black bellied oystercatcher bird sitting on rocks on a sunny day.

Get to know the amazing fish, invertebrates, birds and mammals that make their homes with us! As you explore the Aquarium, you may have the opportunity to see animal feedings or even animals being trained to voluntarily participate in their own health care. And our friendly staff and volunteers are always at the ready to answer questions and help you learn more. 

A young child leaning over a tide pool habitat at the Seattle Aquarium, reaching out with one finger to touch a sea star under the water.
Life On The Edge Tide Pools

Step up, lean over and reach in—watch what happens when you gently stroke a sea cucumber. Test your fingertips against the prickly spines of a sea urchin. Follow the scuttling steps of a hermit crab. Notice how, even though they seem to be completely still, sea stars are always moving. Inhale the rich scent of seawater.

Staff and volunteers are always nearby to identify the animals in the tide pools, answer questions and deepen your knowledge about Puget Sound. Even if you opt not to get your hands wet, you’ll still be enriched by the beautiful sights, smells and sounds of this habitat.

Two children standing in front of the large glass window of an underwater habitat at the Seattle Aquarium. A scuba diver is interacting with the children from behind the window and within the habitat.
Scuba Divers

Be on the lookout for our scuba divers, who take to the water at different times throughout the day in our Window on Washington Waters habitat!

Wearing specialized masks, the divers are able to talk back and forth with Aquarium interpreters on the outside (or “dry side”) of the habitat and answer your questions. You'll have the chance to learn more about the various fish that you can find in our Washington waters during these unique encounters.

Limited-Time Special Engagements

A large bear standing in a river bites down onto a salmon, causing the salmon to release eggs into the air with the text an Alaska state of mind, The Salmon Way, Amy Gulick

The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind

The Salmon Way: An Alaska State of Mind is a photographic celebration of Alaskan wild salmon—now through August 2022.

To conduct research for her book of the same name, photographer and author Amy Gulick spent five years in Alaska exploring the web of human relationships that revolve around wild salmon. In Alaska, it’s more than just their “way”—it’s their way of life.

The inspiring photographs depict the diversity of Alaskans living a “salmon way of life.” With images ranging from Alaska Natives to commercial fishing families to sport fisherfolk, the exhibit honors one of the last places where wild Pacific salmon are still abundant and shows deep-rooted ties between human and fish, between Alaska and Washington, and across generations and communities.

“Alaska shows us what is possible if we restore wild salmon and their habitat in places where they are threatened and endangered. Where salmon thrive, so do ecosystems, communities, cultures and economies,” says Amy.

Experience The Salmon Way alongside the Life on the Edge habitat during your next visit to the Aquarium!