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On Friday, June 2, the Aquarium will close at 3pm (last entry at 2pm) for our Splash! fundraiser.
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Marine Mammals

Meet our delightful otters and seals!

These exhibits, some of our most popular and action-packed, are home to a fabulous assortment of charming and entertaining marine mammals. Plan to stay for a while as you get to know our gregarious sea otters, river otters, harbor seals and fur seals—and learn how to tell the difference between them all! 

Choose your view—you can watch animals swimming and diving underwater, on the surface from a spot at the edge of the exhibit, or from a comfortable perch in our seating areas. No matter where you are, you’ll be entranced by the antics of these wonderful creatures as they play, eat, groom, lounge, interact and more. And if you time it right, you can enjoy one of our daily talks and animal feedings.

Don't miss our harbor seal exhibit. With plenty of dry resting area (or haul-out space), a spacious pool, acrylic viewing panels on three sides, and seating for up to 100 visitors, you're sure to get a prime view of Barney, Q and Hogan.

While you’re here, learn about the Seattle Aquarium’s long history with marine mammals. Our research and work impact not only the animals in our care, but populations in the wild and at zoos and aquariums around the globe as well. We are proud to have the distinction of being the first facility in the world to have a sea otter conceived and born under human care—and subsequently live to adulthood. We were also the first to have a northern fur seal conceived and born in a zoo or aquarium.

Other Exhibits

Paddle carving artist Sx̱aałg̱én carving a wooden paddle at the Seattle Aquarium.
Artists in Action

The Seattle Aquarium honors our location in the traditional and contemporary territories of the Coast Salish people, who have stewarded these lands and waters since time immemorial. As part of our Artists in Action series, paddle carvers from Indigenous communities, both here at home and across the ocean, will create art pieces that will be displayed in our new Ocean Pavilion, opening in 2024. 

Underwater dome exhibit
Underwater Dome

Be surrounded by Puget Sound's sea life!

Grunt sculpin
Puget Sound Fish

Get to know the fascinating fish of Puget Sound