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Tropical Pacific

Take a trip to the beautiful waters of the tropical Pacific.

Discover the vibrant array of life on a coral reef in the Pacific Ocean. Our 25,000-gallon community exhibit demonstrates the structure of the reef fish community, one of the most complex on earth. Watch in wonder as a beautiful variety of warm-water fish – puffers, tangs, wrasses, triggerfish and more – swim through our large, human-made coral reef. You may even see Aquarium divers entering the exhibit to feed the fish!

As you progress through the wraparound exhibit, you’ll have the opportunity to view numerous habitats that exist at different depths in a single reef – each respective depth contains a unique assortment of the brightly hued creatures that dwell in the Pacific’s warmer waters.

Smaller displays on the walls opposite the main exhibit offer more snapshots into life on the reef – including some truly stupendous giant clams and a beautiful garden of coral, much of it developed through our in-house propagation program. Throughout the exhibit, video screens describe different aspects of reef life and the dangers humans pose to this delicate habitat.

Creatures you're likely to see


You can see both warm- and cold-water corals at the Seattle Aquarium.


The strong teeth of triggerfish keep growing throughout their lives.

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