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You can still learn about the wonders of the marine environment while the Aquarium is closed and we’re all practicing social distancing to help keep our community healthy. See below for activities and resources for kids of all ages. Check back often—we’ll be adding to this page as frequently as we can!

sea otter


For the week of March 30–April 3, we’re bringing our otters to you! View the schedule of events that you can tune in for and a list of activities for kids of all ages.

Kids coloring

Coloring sheets, codebreakers, spot-the-difference puzzles, science you can do at home and more.

Girl looking at sea otter at Aquarium

Discover cool facts and fascinating tidbits with our library of information on some of the amazing marine species under our care.

Marine Mammal Infograph thumbnail image

Learn about animals at the Aquarium and in the wild, important marine conservation issues and some of our research work with this collection of engaging infographs.

Virtual field trips on YouTube
Virtual Field Trips

Explore our exhibits, enjoy our daily diver shows, learn about the animals in our care and more with videos recorded at the Seattle Aquarium.

Giant Pacific Octopus
Animal and Educational Videos

A world of engaging, entertaining (and in some cases, otterly delightful) videos awaits for you to explore—meet the animals in our care, learn about tide pool animals on local beaches, and so much more.

Live streaming harbor seal web cam thumbnail image
Live streaming webcams

Ready for your daily dose of cute? See what the Aquarium’s harbor seals and sea otters are up to in real time with our live streaming video cameras.

Trivia Questions
What sense is most important to an orca?
Orcas eat how much food in one day?
A harbor seal is considered a crawling seal. True or false?
Harbor seals will typically hold their breath for as long as:
How much time in a year does a northern fur seal spend swimming in the open ocean?
Northern fur seals are commonly seen in Puget Sound. True or false?
How many hairs can be found in one square inch of a sea otter’s pelt?
What percentage of its body weight does a northern sea otter need to eat each day?
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