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A white wave shape.

Vibrant. Wild. Teeming with marine life. Over time, our once-rich, one world ocean has been devastated by human actions—actions that continue to place our own future at risk. There’s a clear first step: halt further damage. But together, we can go beyond that to restore what’s been lost. In a word, regenerate.  

As we reimagine a 21st-century Seattle Aquarium, we’re guided by our regenerative plan. Our Ocean Pavilion will invite millions to learn about how we can all restore ocean health. It will support our growing work to bring back healthy populations of endangered marine species. And it will model next-generation, sustainable urban design.

Targeting ambitious standards

The Ocean Pavilion will be LEED Gold-certified. We’re also targeting Zero Carbon Certification, a rigorous international standard for buildings that are highly energy efficient and have fully neutralized their carbon emissions. Among other requirements, Zero Carbon Certification requires us to offset 100% of the Ocean Pavilion’s operational energy use with new renewable energy.


The Ocean Pavilion will operate 100% fossil fuel-free, with an operational goal of net-zero carbon. The building will recirculate 96% of the salt water in its habitats, saving water and energy, with no water directly returned to Puget Sound. The new building will be part of our Aquarium-wide zero waste goal.

A dark blue banner split into three equal parts. The first part features an illustration of an oil rig with a red line through it; the text reads "100% fossil fuel-free operations." The second part features an illustration of water with arrows forming a circle around it; the text reads "96% of the building's saltwater recirculated." This third part features an illustration of three green recycling bins under the recycling logo; the text reads "Zero waste by 2025."

An eco-conscious true north

Design choices throughout the Ocean Pavilion align with our values:

  • Building heating and cooling and animal life support systems that share energy and recover heat from one another; this technology will use 91% less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems
  • Sustainably sourced Alaskan yellow cedar exterior, recognized as Forest Stewardship Council-certified, procured from an Indigenous-led company
  • Windows that stream natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting
  • Minimizing materials that harm the marine environment
  • Low-carbon concrete

Designed to recirculate salt water

Since 2020, the Aquarium has offset more carbon than it emits.

To further our regenerative journey, we’ve collaborated with Evergreen Carbon to identify and invest in carbon offsets that give back to people, communities and the environment. One example is the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project. Implemented in collaboration with local communities in Indonesian Borneo, the project meets all 17 of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and is triple-certified.


Our regenerative focus extends to restoring lost marine biodiversity. 

Currently, our team is co-designing and co-implementing conservation projects with partners and communities around the world, including a program to rear and return the endangered pinto abalone to its original home in the San Juan Islands and Strait of Juan de Fuca. This once-abundant marine snail declined by 97 percent from 1992 to 2017. We rear baby abalone in our nursery, and our divers release juvenile abalone each spring. The Aquarium’s expanded facilities will advance this important project.

We’re also collaborating on ReShark—a global coalition whose first project focuses on restoring endangered Indo-Pacific leopard sharks to their home waters in the Coral Triangle. Once abundant in the Coral Triangle, these sharks are now nearly extinct due to overfishing and habitat loss. A small number of Indo-Pacific leopard sharks will make their homes in the Ocean Pavilion. We’ll breed these sharks and contribute eggs to the ReShark effort to help replenish wild populations. 


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