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Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment

Click on the link below to view the entire posting and for information on how to apply. The Seattle Aquarium is nonprofit, 501c3, owned by the City of Seattle. The Aquarium currently serves over 825,000 visitors and 40,000 school children and their teachers annually. Guided by the mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.

Youth Engagement Mentor I (Temporary)

This position will work within the youth engagement team to support the efforts of 130–160 high-school-age youth serving in the Youth Ocean Advocates volunteer program. The youth engagement mentor will educate youth on marine science topics and interpretation, support and mentor youth in their volunteer roles, and ensure excellent experiences for both youth volunteers and Aquarium visitors.

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Posting expires: May 4, 2016

Seattle Aquarium Conservation Request for Proposal

The Seattle Aquarium is ready to take the next step in its evolution as a conservation organization by elevating our priority and investment in conservation activities related to the Salish Sea and Pacific Ocean, and the communities that rely upon these critical ecosystems. While we are proud of the impact we have had in the areas of Puget Sound and ocean conservation education, policy, research and rehabilitation, we believe creating a more cohesive and strategic direction under a new, visionary leader will allow us to effect greater change. As we are currently embarking on a significant, long-term master plan for expansion on the Seattle waterfront, it is more important than ever to strategically invest in and grow our conservation activities so that when the new exhibits open, they are telling the most relevant and impactful stories for Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment.

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Posting expires: May 15, 2016 by 3pm PST.

Greeter-Ambassador (Two temporary positions)

The primary function of the greeter-ambassador is to help improve the visitor experience by engaging visitors early in their experience. Construction along the waterfront construction can present a challenge to guests, making it difficult to find the Aquarium’s entrance. The greeter-ambassador will work outside, proactively assisting the public to cross the street and enter the facility. This includes navigating guest entry, facilitating group arrivals and departures, coordinating with the admission supervisor on how to activate long lines and provide information for the waterfront. This function will alert the appropriate parties when encountering conditions that can lead to a negative guest experience when visiting the waterfront.

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Posting expires: Open until filled.


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