Membership FAQ

General questions
Where is the quick member entrance?
As a member, what do I have to have with me when entering the Aquarium?
How long does it take to receive my membership cards?
How does a flexible guest work?
Can I change a name on my membership?
When does my membership expire?
If my child goes on a field trip to the Aquarium, can he/she use our membership to get in for free?
Is my membership transferable to another family?
Do you have reciprocity with other zoos and aquariums?
Joining or renewing
How many children can I have on my membership?
Is there a membership available for daycares, schools, etc?
We have a nanny, what is the best membership option?
Can we use our admissions receipt towards our membership?
How do I become a donor? And what are the benefits of doing so?
Is my membership tax-deductible?
Can I upgrade my membership to a higher level during my membership year?
Are there any membership discounts?
Gift certificates and gift memberships
What is the difference between a gift certificate and a gift membership?
How do I purchase a gift certificate or gift membership?
How do I redeem my gift certificate?
Can I purchase a gift certificate in any dollar amount?
Aquarium/zoo memberships
Can I purchase an Aquarium/Zoo membership?
Member guests
How do I bring a half-price guest with me to the Aquarium?
Can I pre-pay for a half-price guest admission?
How do I become informed of your events?
How do I sign up for your events, such as Members-Only Movie Nights?
Can we bring other family members or friends to the Members-Only Movie Nights?
Can I bring guests with me to members-only events?