Plan-ahead Pricing: Buy early for the best deal!

The Seattle Aquarium is joining other leading zoos, aquariums and museums to implement plan-ahead pricing, which gives you the opportunity to get the best deal on tickets when purchasing in advance. With plan-ahead pricing, you choose the best fit for your budget and schedule. The farther in advance you purchase your tickets, the more you’re likely to save!

How does it work? Just visit the purchase tickets page on our website and you’ll see all the available dates/times and their respective ticket prices. Each day’s prices are determined based on a number of factors, including attendance patterns, popular holidays/events and weather—and they’ve been developed through extensive research and collaboration with a team of expert economists.

In general, for busier periods with higher estimated attendance, prices will reflect high demand. For quieter attendance days, prices will be lower. (This is also the perfect opportunity to note that the Aquarium will never exceed capacity limits in place to protect the health of our visitors, staff and volunteers—as well as the animals in our care—during the pandemic.)

How much can you save? It varies—but the prices listed for each date will always be the most affordable option for that particular date. They’ll never decrease but they may increase, so purchasing earlier is always the best option! And tickets purchased online will always cost less than tickets purchased on site, even on the day of your visit.


An Aquarium for all

We’re excited to make the Seattle Aquarium more accessible and advance our mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment through the launch of plan-ahead pricing as a complement to our existing free and reduced admission programs.

We can’t wait to see you at the Aquarium!

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