Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion

The Seattle Aquarium is taking a bold step to advance our conservation mission within and beyond our walls through the creation of the Ocean Pavilion. This ambitious project represents a reinvention of the Aquarium experience and will create a defining civic gem within Seattle’s future waterfront park.

From Seattle to the Indo-Pacific coral reefs, the Ocean Pavilion represents our shared future—and our shared responsibility to understand, celebrate and take action to preserve our one ocean. This is our best chance to shed light on the urgent threats facing our ocean, mobilize a new generation of marine conservationists and create something remarkable for our city in the process.

Seattle will be reconnected to the ocean through the Ocean Pavilion—a tremendous investment in public and private dollars that will help connect downtown, Pike Place Market and the waterfront as an iconic gathering place for all. Our relationship to the water started with the Coast Salish people and is at the heart of our values as a city today: of sustainability, innovation and respect for the natural world.

The Ocean Pavilion will be transformative for the Aquarium, for the waterfront, and for Seattle. It will:

  • Accommodate a 40% increase in expected attendance and visitors, which requires an approximately 48,000 square foot building and pedestrian and Americans with Disabilities Act pathways
  • Provide a continuous connection with the existing Seattle Aquarium to facilitate movement of visitors, volunteers, and staff, and to support Aquarium programming
  •  Provide opportunities for public open space and enjoyment of the shoreline
  • Create a space that supports the Aquarium’s mission of Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment and provides the public with a global ocean experience

Together we can shape a new ocean story with the power to drive lasting change—in a place where people discover their own meaningful relationships to the ocean and are inspired to take action.

Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion: Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Public Hearing

PROPONENTS: City of Seattle through the Department of Parks and Recreation (City of Seattle) and Seattle Aquarium Society

LEAD AGENCY: City of Seattle

DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSAL: The City of Seattle, in coordination with the Seattle Aquarium Society, has issued a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) that evaluates a range of alternatives for the proposed Ocean Pavilion. The proposed action would create a new building to the east of the existing aquarium, on Piers 59 and 60, and the future Waterfront Promenade. The proposed building would be adjacent to the City of Seattle’s future Overlook Walk and would include approximately 48,000 gross square feet of public aquarium exhibits and associated support space. The proposed action would also include an off-site Animal Care Center to address both short- and long-term animal care, veterinary, and rehabilitation needs.

ISSUANCE DATE: August 30, 2018

DATE COMMENTS ARE DUE: October 1, 2018


The Draft EIS is available online in the below document library.

Printed copies of the Draft EIS and supporting are available for review at no cost at the following locations:

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Public Resource Center
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
Seattle, Washington 98124

Seattle Public Library, Central Library
1000 Fourth Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104

Additional copies may be purchased for the cost of reproduction (email

WRITTEN COMMENTS: Send written comments or requests to be added to the mailing list by email at, or by mail at:

Seattle Aquarium Draft EIS Comments
c/o Anchor QEA
720 Olive Way, Suite 1900
Seattle, Washington 98101

Comments will be posted on the Seattle Aquarium Society website when the Final EIS is issued.

PUBLIC HEARING: A public meeting to provide project-related information and receive comments from the public and interested parties on the Draft EIS will be held as follows:

Thursday, September 27, 2018, from 5-7pm
Friends of Waterfront Seattle Waterfront Space
1400 Western Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98101

The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. Printed copies of public hearing materials or requests for sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired or other special assistance needs may be provided by prior request at least 24 hours before the meeting via email (

Project Schedule and public documents

The Ocean Pavilion will serve as an important connector between downtown, Pike Place Market and the waterfront.**

The Seattle Aquarium's new Ocean Pavilion.**

**Preferred alternative of new Ocean Pavilion