Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion

Ocean Pavilion


The Seattle Aquarium is taking a bold step to advance our conservation mission within and beyond our walls through the creation of the Ocean Pavilion. This ambitious project represents a reinvention of the Aquarium experience and will create a defining civic gem within Seattle’s future waterfront park.

Proposed new Aquarium building

Today, we’re witnessing the most profound change in our planet’s ocean in the past 64 million years, and it’s happening within one human lifetime. Our generation will define what it looks like to live on Planet Earth for those who follow. Seattle can lead the way, and the expanded Aquarium will help us shed light on the urgent threats facing our ocean, mobilize a new generation of marine conservationists and create something remarkable for our city in the process.

Digital image of proposed Seattle waterfront

A respected authority on Puget Sound and Salish Sea, the Aquarium serves as the largest platform for ocean conservation and engagement in the Pacific Northwest. Through expanded partnerships and community programming we are fostering an emerging ocean ethic, increasing awareness and taking action to help preserve and protect our marine environment. The expanded Aquarium with its new Ocean Pavilion will be an unparalleled platform for ocean conservation and serve as the magnificent centerpiece for our city’s waterfront.

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Cover of Seattle Business magazine

The Seattle Aquarium’s expansion is at the heart of the City’s ambition waterfront redevelopment.

Bob Davidson poses in front of an Aquarium exhibit

Bob Davidson is overseeing one of the most dramatic development projects to happen in Seattle in years.