Planning for the future of Seattle Aquarium

Moving forward on the Aquarium’s new Ocean Pavilion

The Ocean Pavilion will showcase Seattle’s leadership in focusing public attention on saving the ocean, and demonstrate how ocean health is central to the health of the planet. Aquariums inspire people to care, and then to act—and public engagement in this endeavor is critical.

Bringing the Ocean Pavilion to life will:

  • Accelerate Seattle’s and the Aquarium’s vision to unite communities in revitalizing and advancing a global ocean ethic.
  • Leverage Seattle’s innovative spirit and technical savvy to provide new methods for sustainable living.
  • Provide concrete action steps for visitors from all over the world to make ocean-forward decisions.

The new Ocean Pavilion is being built to achieve just that in the very heart of Seattle.

Media links:

Strategic Plan Document

Central Waterfront and
Elliott Bay Seawall Planning

The Aquarium is actively engaged in the Central Waterfront and Elliott Bay Seawall planning process based upon replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct with the new SR 99 tunnel creating new public spaces along the waterfront.