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Support Environmental Justice

A wooden walking bridge next to a small stream within a dense forested area.

Environmental burdens and benefits are not equitably distributed. A federal bill, the Environmental Justice for All Act (H.R.2021/S.872), offers a sweeping set of concrete measures aimed to address environmental injustice. This includes ensuring broader access to cleaner transportation, safer food and green spaces. Contact your Member of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor this important bill.

Ring in the spring

Three young adults wading in the ocean next to the shore of a Washington beach with large pillars from an old pier in front of them.

As the weather warms and the days become longer, spring is a great season to spend time outdoors. Consider organizing a group of friends or family to join a local beach cleanup. If you go for a hike, be sure to bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated while reducing single-use plastics! See below for more ideas on easy ways to reduce plastic pollution.

Join us—act for the ocean!

Illustration of a hand holding a heart-shaped globe of the planet earth.
Reduce your footprint

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we—and the ocean—face. Our vision is to become a regenerative aquarium, producing more environmental benefits than harm and helping to ensure a climate-resilient, sustainable future for all. Join us by making changes in your own day-to-day habits. For example, take public or human-powered transportation whenever possible instead of driving. Explore other action ideas below!

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Vote for the Ocean

The future of sea otters, orcas, salmon and other amazing sea creatures depends on what YOU mark on your ballot. We hope you’ll join us in voting for local, state and national leaders who will stand up for wildlife, clean water, clean air and a voice for all communities in decision-making processes. Make sure you’re registered to vote, and vote in every election!

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Volunteering is a great way to help marine ecosystems, share your skills and experiences, and work alongside other environmental advocates. The Seattle Aquarium would not be what it is without our talented, dedicated and passionate volunteers—amazing and generous people who want to learn more about the marine world, get their hands dirty and inspire others to conserve our one world ocean. Consider joining us!

Illustration of a coin with a dollar symbol inside, in front of a heart.

Charitable donations help make our mission possible, especially during these challenging times. Your support connects people to the ocean in a way not otherwise possible and inspires bold action to care for animals and protect our shared marine environment. Consider donating to the Seattle Aquarium. A gift of any size makes a huge difference! 

Dive deeper for a bigger impact
Help salmon
Help Orcas
Help keep plastic out of the ocean
Take climate action
Protect ocean health
A large group of individuals outside the state capitol building in Olympia, Washington, holding signs advocating for legislation to help protect the ocean.

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