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The Aquarium will close early on Monday, September 24. Last admission at noon; exhibits close at 1pm. The Aquarium café will be closed all day.

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Blog: Pacific spiny lumpsuckers

Pacific spiny lumpsuckers: the swimming golf balls!

Pacific spiny lumpsuckers: the swimming golf balls!

What are the slightly odd-looking (yet enormously cute) fish that could be described as resembling swimming golf balls in the Aquarium’s Puget Sound Fish exhibit? They’re Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, Eumicrotremus orbis, and the last word in their name is derived from two interesting features.

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Pacific spiny lumpsuckers are back!

Always fun to watch and looking a bit like swimming golf balls, Pacific spiny lumpsuckers, Eumicrotremus orbis, have returned to our Puget Sound Fish exhibit. These odd fish get their names from an interesting feature: a sucker disk that they use to adhere to kelp, rock and other surfaces—which helps them resist the strong pull of marine currents. Weak swimmers, their camouflage helps them avoid detection by predators.

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