Plan your next visit with the exhibit map below or by exploring each one individually!


Exhibit Map

Find your way around the Aquarium with the exhibit map. MORE>>

Birds and Shores

Take a stroll through the shores of the coastal Northwest. A beautiful open-air exhibit! MORE>>

Window on Washington Waters

Dive shows take place at 10am, 11:30am and 12:15pm daily. MORE>>


See young salmon and learn about salmon’s importance to the marine environment. MORE>>

Life on the Edge

See, touch and explore the sea life of Puget Sound tide pools! MORE>>

Puget Sound Fish

Get to know the fascinating fish of Puget Sound! MORE>>

Life of a Drifter

Puget Sound’s mysterious and beautiful creatures. Daily octopus feeding attempts at noon and 4pm. MORE>>

Underwater Dome

Be surrounded by Puget Sound’s sea life! Daily feeding at 1:30pm. MORE>>

Searching for Sixgills

Learn about Puget Sound’s mysterious and large – sharks! MORE>>

Family Activity Center

Learn about our struggling local orca population – and what you can do to help. MORE>>

Pacific Coral Reef

Take a virtual trip to the beautiful waters of the tropical Pacific. MORE>>

Marine Mammals

Meet our delightful otters and seals! Daily talks and feedings at 11:30am, 2pm and 5pm. MORE>>

Tropical Pacific

Discover some of the ocean’s most unusual creatures. Habitats from all over the world. MORE>>

Interactive NASA Kiosks

Discover why scientists are exploring our world’s oceans – from space! MORE>>

Birds of the Pacific Northwest and Some Southern Hemisphere Favorites - Peter Cavanaugh

BIRDS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST And Some Southern Hemisphere Favorites
Photography by Peter R. Cavanagh

Peter Cavanagh is a Pacific Northwest photographer who specializes in photographing birds in flight. MORE>>